Monday, October 4, 2010

This is stupid test

Saturday, October 31, 2009

We can all rest well tonight for a man, AN ACTUAL MALE, thought steph,sarah, bobbi, and i were hot and had his "wingman" ask us to party! hahahaha
I think I may have arthritic elbow syndrome. I don't know why, but I think it's true...I think it's late and I should sleep :) there is your update Derek ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Arrival to DC

Alas, We made it to Georgetown where our lovely hotel with Tempurpedic beds resided.... if only we had time to catch a few zzzzz's before trekking areound our nation's capitol. After some discussion, we decided to attempt to tackle DC on zero sleep... so we took turns showering and powering up with Rockstars and water.

We headed first to Union Station where we caught our tour bus that would take us all around DC. That is me and Steph on the top of our double decker tour bus. It was pretty awesome that we did not have to walk to the capitol building. I think I was almost to passing out point by this time...but I lasted a few more hours.

Here is a great shot of the Capitol building. It was a beautiful day in DC. We then went on our tour of the capitol. I had already taken the tour on a previous visit, but I was anxious to take better pictures of some realy cool things that were inside.

Friday, August 21, 2009

NEW JERSEY!!! (shaking fist of fury)

Holy Crap!! We are in NEW JERSEY!!!!! woooooo hooooo!!!

Ummmm I don't think this neighborhood is going to take us to I-95....
SO this was just the very beginning of our adventure in New Jersey. We missed the exit to I-95... hey it may have said I-95 exit, but it ALSO said New York and we knew that we weren't due in New York until Sunday...not our fault. We were just trying to keep things...simple...ya that is it. HAHAHA. I really wish I had taken more pictures of our adventures here. But I was busy navigating. ...poorly might I add. Which was truly devastating to my Top navigator status that I have carried with me since my 6th grade trip to Oregon...ahhh I love maps... haha anyway. So we kept plugging info in to Steph's magic I-phone... I STRONGLY recommend NEVER leaving your home town without one btw. There was only one problem... half the time we were parallel to the highway, but we couldn't get on to the actual highway and the gps kept thinking we were actually on the highway... but we weren' this was difficult. SOOOOO we drove around for 45 minutes before we finally get enough courage to ask for directions. This was a great feat of courage on all parts. We pulled into an EXXON gas station at which point our hero driver Stephanie decided it was best if two went in and two stayed; with her being in the driver seat in case we needed to flee quickly. haha. So Britt and I are nominated to go in and ask for downtown Newark..did I mention that it was going on 1am??? So we go in and the cashier is guarded by glass that appears to be bullet proof with a little window I can speak to him through. I bravely throw out my best New Jersian attitude and casually and fearlessly asked him how to get to the freeway ramp. I was distracted by the male enhancement pills that were taped to the window...but I managed to concentrate long enough for him to suggest that another young man show us the way. I thought he meant take us out and point in the right direction, I was mistaken...he was going to actually SHOW us the his car. I misunderstood and I started to follow him cuz I thought he was going to point somewhere... and he was like ohhh you are going to ride with me? I think the sudden look of fear on my face told him that I had no intention of getting into his car. So, he told us to follow his car. Now, before you think... oh my gosh how could you follow some New Jersian in the middle of the night, surely he was going to lead us down an alley and rape and mug us...don't worry, we thought the same thing. No worries though, we separated our cash from our purses and I wrote down the license plate number AANND Steph was brilliant in her following skills. She kept an even pace behind them so that if danger was sensed her batman like skills would rescue us for certain! Alas, we needed no such batman rescuing...mmmm batman :) The New Jersian was an actual decent fellow. He lead us to the right on ramp! HOORAY :) at last we were on our way....until, we got lost yet again. Now the rest is not as entertaining. We actually headed to New York this time. We even saw the beautiful skyline, I even tried to take a picture... but We were getting a little tired of not getting anywhere and at this point it was about an hour and a half in and we were technically supposed to be half way to DC by then. My memory is failing me right now but I think that the toll guy on our way BACK onto the New Jersey turnpike set us in the right direction...Steph if you read this correct me if I am wrong.. :) Finally we were on our way!!! And leaving New Jersey behind us...for a while anyway....

My Big Vacation

So here we are! We landed in Detroit and we anxiously await our next flight to New Jersey. We are so flippin pumped!!

We had time to eat some dinner and chill out but basically the layover was pretty relaxed and went by fairly quickly. We spent like ten minutes trying to get a picture of the four of us on Steph's I-phone. apparently we provided a bunch of entertainment for the flight attendants who were checking people in. I didn't notice; I was having too much fun goofing off. We girls pretty much ROCK!

Bobbi and I went for a quick stroll around the terminal in search for Rockstars, Amps or Redbulls. They were too expensive...maybe that was some unnoticed foreshadowing...hmmmm. We knew we were going to need it in order to survive the next day in DC... oh little did we know just how much we needed it...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A thought or two

Ok I started reading a book this summer!! I have been starting a lot and then stopping because I have been hopelessly addicted to NCIS and So You Think You Can Dance.... Which by the way leads me to tonight's result show... WHAT THE CRAP AMERICA??? I love my country, but people why is Evan still on the show? Don't get me wrong.. I love him, he is an amazing guy/dancer and I would totally rephrase!! However, Ade is amazing and a superior dancer when it comes to acclimating to different genres of dancing. After last week with Janette departing I just don't think I can handle it. I really think the final two should have been Janette and Brandon or Ade. I am glad that Kayla is still in it though; She is an amazing dancer. Ok so I am rambling... but I love all of them. I wish I could afford to go see themwhen they come to Portland. I just really think Ade should have made it to the bottom four!! ok I am done for now...

I have started reading The Host and I may have a new fictional crush on Jared!! Man, men are just better in books folks... this could possibly be why I am an English major ;) Unfortunately, I do have to work tomorrow, so I will be going to sleep after I post this little blip... until next time and no worries, I will keep you updated on my love of my new hero Jared :)